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When Head Coach Pat Murphy was a boy, he played many of the standard childhood sports like baseball, football, and soccer. He found that in the sports in which he excelled, he was welcomed into the inner circle of the cool kids - but that his less successful friends weren't.

Meanwhile Coach Pat found that despite his effort, he wasn't a naturally gifted swimmer. In fact, he was the kid in the slow lane of the fast group struggling to keep up with impossible sets. Yet on the swim team, he was welcomed as an interegal part of the team, and held in high regard. It seemed that in this sport acceptance and recognition by his peers was based on the merits of one's effort. By willingly paying the price of the hardest sport there is, he gained respect.

As he traveled through life, many of best people he met were in the sport of swimming, and it gave him a path to do something good in the community, so he became a swim coach. Later, he became a businessman so he could develop other up-and-coming coaches, and multiply the goodwill.

A few years ago, Coach Pat was at a national championship, and had a chance conversation with a swimmer from a nationally prominent team. He asked her if she too expected to make the Olympic team, to which she replied that was unlikely. But, she added, that wasn't her goal. Instead she was part of a group of swimmers whose job it was was to create a high level of expectation and performance, so that someone from their ranks would make the USA team, and she was certain that this would happen. And it did. "That would be good enough to know I helped put someone on the podium".

So we have created a team that believes in the ideals that while talent is God-given, our effort is what truly distinguishes us. We believe that we're stronger together than we are separately, that striving together brings out the best in each of us, and that it is an honor and obligation to do so.

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