Greenville Hotel Information


Here are the hotel details for parents making reservations for themselves or swimmers not participating in the bus trip for Greenville:

Holiday Inn Express Woodruff Rd.
1036 Woodruff Rd, Greenville, SC 29607
Block name: Chattahoochee Gold Swim Team Parents
Rate: 129 per night.

The Bus Trip to the Beach Bash meet in Greenville is for all swimmers 13 and over as of Nov 4, 2017. Please note we will be capping the bus portion of the trip at 100 swimmers.

The bus on Saturday morning, November 4th, and will return on Sunday, November 5th. The total cost of the trip will be $195 and that includes all meals, and travel expenses (bus and hotel.) The bus will meet at MV to pick up all the Mountain View and Woodstock swimmers. We will then meet off of I-85 to pick up the Cumming swimmers. All swimmers will be dropped off where they were picked up.

By registering for the bus trip, please know that you do not need to separately sign up for the meet. Your coach will enter you into your events.


Swim Across America: Register for Team Jonas

Swim Across America is in its 5th year in Atlanta and has raised over $1.3M for the research teams at the AFLAC Cancer and Blood Disorder Center and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Gold swimmer Jonas Warta, son of Gold coach Mary Ellen Warta, was diagnosed in 2012 with retinoblastoma, a rare malignant tumor of the retina. After a series of treatments, Jonas is thankfully in remission. Coach Warta continues to raise pediatric cancer awareness by sharing the importance of Swim Across America. Swim Across America shows the strength of the swimming community when we rally for a great cause.

Team Jonas was started in 2013 for the inaugural event and this year is particularly special as Jonas just entered the Scottish Rite Survivorship Program, making his remission official. SAA’s goal is to help specific research teams reach clinical trial. The Atlanta event helped Dr. McDonald’s team, who focused on pediatric brain tumors, move to clinical trial. It no longer needs our financial support. SAA’s newest recipient is focused on pediatric leukemia and finding treatments that are less harmful to children. Even though this particular cancer research is targeted at pediatric cancers, adulthood cancers also benefit from their research.

Swim Across America’s 2017 event will be held September 23 at Lake Lanier Islands. We are encouraging all Sectionals, Sectionals Advanced, Senior, National, and High School swimmers to support this great cause. Participants will be excused from attending practice on September 23. There are several different race options (.5 mile, 1 mile, 5K, and 2 mile relay – 1/2 mile loops with up to 4 swimmers). We recommend you sign up for the 1 mile race, though some of our older, more endurance-inclined athletes may try the 5K (keep in mind it’s 5500 yards of lake swimming).

This event is not required, just encouraged! If you’re attending the event, please support Team Jonas. To join Team Jonas, click on the link and join the team.

Please note that the rates may go up soon and the race is starting to fill up. If you’d like to participate, please sign up as soon as possible! Thank you.

2017-07-31 09.44.21
2nd Place at Senior State! Final LC Wrap-Up


Here is the round-up of our final meets of the 2017 long course season. Thank you to all of our swimmers and parents for making it a successful season. Farewell to our seniors! You will be missed.

There were a lot of new team records this season. Here is a download link to the updated long course records:

*** Senior State: Athens, GA ***
Results file:
Senior State was held July 28-30 at the UGA’s Gabrielsen Natatorium. Chattahoochee Gold placed 2nd in the overall team scores. There were many highlights during the meet! The team did a great job supporting each other.

Relay wins, top 3 individual finishes, team records:
The women dominated the medley relays with glorious wins in both the 200 medley relay and the 400 medley relay. Both relays were new team records! Not to be completely eclipsed, the men won the 800 free relay, with lionhearted efforts from swimmers coming off the 400 IM (if you ever wonder why we train so much, these fellows can testify). Michelle McCord placed 2nd in the 200 IM and 3rd in the 50 back (setting a 17-18 team record). Jack Dalmolin won the 200 breast (with a 17-18 team record) and placed 2nd in the 200 IM. Bayley Frierson placed 3rd in the 200 fly. Other swimmers with top 8 individual finishes were Kristina Friedrichs, Parker Ciaramella, Jordan Dunn, and Tommy Eaton. Check out the new team records that were set at the meet:

— Parker Ciaramella (15-16 boys): 400 free: 4:09.34, 800 free: 8:47.35, 1500 free: 16:34.11
— Meghan Taner (15-16 girls): 50 back: 31.28
— Thomas Eaton (15-16 boys): 50 fly: 26.50
— Michelle McCord (17-18 boys): 50 back: 30.33
— Jack Dalmolin (17-18 boys): 50 breast: 29.48, 200 breast: 2:21.44
— Kristina Friedrichs (17-18 girls): 50 fly: 28.90
— 200 IM Relay (open): 1:57.31: M. McCord, M. Summrall, S. Taylor, K. Friedrichs
— 400 IM Relay (open): 4:18.04: M. McCord, M. Summrall, B. Frierson, K. Friedrichs

Swimmers of the Meet:
Mountain View:
Jordan Dunn (made his first summer Junior Nationals cut in 100 breast)
Jocelyn Helsby
Laura Lim Sang

Kristina Friedrichs
Brad Burke

Kelley Jones
Jenna MacKay

*** Futures: Nashville, TN ***
Sophie Taylor and Evan Arsenault traveled to Nashville for the Futures Championship, held August 3-6. In terms of the ladder of championship meets, Futures is a step above Sectionals and a step below Junior Nationals. In other words, it’s a fast national-level meet. Evan placed 2nd in both the 50 free and the 100 free!

*** Southern Zone Championships: Tupelo, MS ***
The Zone Championships brings states from all over the South together to compete for a Zone title. Team Georgia won! Gold swimmer Lilly Byrne competed for the state of Georgia. Lilly placed 3rd in the 800 free and scored in the 200 free, 100 free, and 400 IM. The savvy hand of Head Coach Mark Schilling helped guide Georgia to their victory. The Gold coaching staff was also repped by Assistant Coach Andy Shields (now a Gold alumnus). Congratulations!

2017 Long Course Age Group State Championship


The 2017 Long Course Age Group State Championship was held July 20-23 at the McAuley Aquatic Center at Georgia Tech. Chattahoochee Gold placed third overall in team scores. We want to congratulate all of our age group state team members on a job well done and a successful end to the long course season. Just qualifying for the meet is not easy: there were races with less than 25 swimmers in the state qualified to compete

There were many great performances, but we first want to give a shout-out to our team records and victories. Gavin Halusic set new 8&under team records in the following events:
100 Free (1:16.63), 100 Fly (1:23.62), 50 free (32.85), 50 fly (35.31), and 100 back (1:28.61). Delainey Yarbrough won the 10&u girls 100 breast with 1:33.36 and tied the team record. She also won the 50 breast with 41.49, setting a new team record. Elliot Elmore won both the 11 year-old 100 breast and 50 breast. Owen Holland, Noah Richardson, Lawson Weddington, and Grant Davis crushed the 13-14 400 medley team record with a 4:12.86. Congratulations to Jordan Edwards who, despite being 13, was first alternate in the zone scoring for 13-14 girls.

To our entire age group team, enjoy a well-deserved rest during the off season. See you in the fall!

Here is a link to the full meet results:

Senior: Jordan Edwards
Sectionals Advanced: Noah Richardson
Sectionals: Ford Johnson
Gold Advanced: Kara Cullinan

Mountain View:
Senior: Connor Snow
Sectionals Advanced: Courtney Salmon
Sectionals: Elliot Elmore, Lily Alderman
Gold: Maddie Halloran
Silver Advanced: Jack Crawford

Senior: Sarah Brown
Sectionals: Bella Postel, Harper Johnson
Gold Advanced: Leia Lankford
Gold: Lainey Blase

Gold: Caroline Cannon

Top 10 Finishes (based on A final results):
Arcaroli, Sadie: Girls 10&U: 4th 50 Free, 8th 50 Back, 10th 100 Back
Yarbrough, Delainey: Girls 10&U: 1st 50 Breast, 1st 100 Breast, 7th 200 IM
Alderman, Lily: Girls 11: 10th 50 free, 9th 100 free, 6th 200 back, 2nd 100 breast, 3rd 200 breast, 7th 200 IM, 4th 400 IM
Clark, Lilly: Girls 11: 7th 50 back, 6th 100 back, 10th 200 back
Ross, Savannah: Girls 11: 8th 100 breast, 5th 200 breast
McCrea, Lindsey: Girls 11: 6th 200 breast
Armstrong, Kate: Girls 11: 7th 200 fly
Tully, Charlotte: Girls 11: 9th 200 fly
Blanco, Elizabeth: Girls 12: 10th 100 free, 4th 50 back, 7th 100 back
Tom, Caroline: Girls 12: 9th 200 free, 6th 400 free, 5th 800 free
Davis-Richardson, Mia: Girls 12: 8th 800 free, 9th 200 fly, 10th 400 IM
Hembree, Grace: Girls 12: 8th 100 breast, 8th 200 breast, 9th 400 IM
Selph, Caroline: Girls 12: 10th 50 fly
Fetcinko, Nicole: Girls 12: 5th 200 fly
Blase, Laurel: Girls 12: 10th 200 fly
Edwards, Jordan: Girls 13-14: 3rd 400 IM, 5th 200 breast, 6th 200 IM
Salmon, Courtney: Girls 13-14: 2nd 100 back, 6th 200 back
Brown, Sarah: Girls 13-14: 4th 200 back, 9th 100 breast, 10th 200 IM
Halusic, Gavin: Boys 10&U: 5th 50 free, 10th 100 back, 5th 50 fly, 6th 100 fly
Madden, Alexander: Boys 10&U: 8th 50 back, 7th 100 back, 9th 200 IM
Tilt, Patrick: Boys 11: 10th 50 free, 7th 400 free, 3rd 1500 free, 6th 50 back, 6th 200 back, 4th 50 fly, 4th 200 fly, 10th 200 IM, 6th 400 IM
Barton, Ben: Boys 11: 9th 100 free, 5th 200 back, 7th 200 breast, 7th 200 fly, 4th 400 IM
Sayer, Nathan: Boys 11: 10th 400 free
Findlay, Matthew: Boys 11: 3rd 50 back, 5th 100 back, 8th 200 back
Johnson, Harper: Boys 11: 8th 50 back, 9th 50 breast, 10th 100 breast, 6th 200 breast
Iglar, William: Boys 11: 9th 50 back, 6th 50 breast, 6th 100 breast, 4th 200 breast
Elmore, Elliot: Boys 11: 4th 100 back, 7th 200 back, 1st 50 breast, 1st 100 breast, 3rd 200 breast, 5th 50 fly, 10th 400 IM
Tanke, Parker: Boys 11: 10th 200 back, 2nd 50 fly, 5th 100 fly, 3rd 200 fly, 7th 400 IM
Johnson, Ford: Boys 12: 7th 400 free, 9th 1500 free
Davis, Grant: Boys 13-14: 4th 400 free, 8th 200 free, 3rd 200 fly
Snow, Connor: Boys 13-14: 9th 1500 free
Harris, Eldridge: Boys 13-14: 10th 50 free
Holland, Owen: Boys 13-14: 9th 100 back, 10th 200 back
Richardson, Noah: Boys 13-14: 7th 200 breast
Weddington, Lawson: Boys 13-14: 3rd 100 fly

Top 3 finishes relays:
3rd: Girls 12&U 200 Medley
Blanco, Elizabeth
Alderman, Lily
Fetcinko, Nicole
Blase, Laurel

2nd: Boys 14&U 200 Medley
Holland, Owen
Richardson, Noah
Weddington, Lawson
Harris, Eldridge

2nd: Boys 14&U 400 Medley
**new team record 4:12.86

Holland, Owen
Richardson, Noah
Weddington, Lawson
Davis, Grant

Gia Pergolini Team USA


Chattahoochee Gold’s Gia Pergolini had a record-breaking performance in the IDM Berlin 2017 international Paralympic swim meet in Germany. Six-hundred athletes from 52 countries competed in the meet.

Representing Team USA, Gia broke the World Record in 200 Backstroke with a time of 2:31.73 (only to lose the record a short time later to teammate Aspen Shelton). In 50 Backstroke, Gia broke her own American Record twice, on her way to a Silver Medal with a best time of 31.58.

On the final day of competition, Gia came close to picking up a new American Record in 100 Backstroke with a time of 1:09.27.

Gia is now preparing for the upcoming World Championship Paralympic Trials in Colorado Springs.

Based in Woodstock, Chattahoochee Gold is one of the first teams in the nation to be awarded Level 4 status by USA Swimming

Kevin Bacon Invite


The Kevin Bacon Invite was held July 7-9 at the Cumming Aquatic Center. The meet was hosted by Chattahoochee Gold and we want to thank all the volunteers who made our meet a success! The meet either served for our swimmers as a last chance state qualifier, a pre-state tune-up, or an end-of-season meet. Gavin Halusic broke both the 8&under 200 IM record (3:09.82) and the 50 breast record (49.29). Congratulations!

Meet results are posted here:

Congratulations to our swimmers of the meet:
Silver: Quin Hodges
Silver Adv: Tyler McGinn
Gold: Danielle Schmuckal
Gold Adv: Trey Jackson
Sectional/ADV: Reese Warta, Owen Holland
Senior: Maddy Maynard
National: Amanda Cesario

Mountain View
Silver Adv: Aanya Khurana
Gold: Addison West
Sectional: Eliana Babayeuska
Sectional Adv: Sarah Jenacova
Senior: Zach Belecanech

Silver: Charles Meeks
Silver Adv: Tiffany Howell
Sectional: Astrid Medina
Sectional Adv: Laurel Blase
Senior: Maddy Rogers
National: Lily Byrne

Silver: Shaye McDonald
Gold: Mason Thomas
Gold Adv: Kelis Pean

Event Winners:
Davis-Richardson, Mia: 11-12 200 Meter IM
Cesario, Amanda: 15&O 200 Meter IM, 15&O 800 Meter Free
Holland, Owen: 13-14 200 Meter IM, 13-14 50 Meter Free, 13-14 200 Meter Free, 13-14 100 Meter Back, 13-14 400 Meter IM, 13-14 200 Meter Back, 13-14 100 Meter Free

Arsenault, Evan: 15&O 50 Meter Free, 15&O 100 Meter Free, Girls 50 Meter Back
Deliyiannis, Mihalis: 15&O 50 Meter Free
Tom, Caroline: 11-12 800 Meter Free, 11-12 400 Meter Free
Geoghagan, Logan: 11-12 800 Meter Free
Cameron, Andrew: 15&O 800 Meter Free
MacKay, Jenna: 15&O 200 Meter Free
Dunn, Jordan: 50 Meter Fly, 15&O 200 Meter Breast, 15&O 100 Meter Breast
Hembree, Grace: 11-12 50 Meter Breast, 11-12 200 Meter Breast, 11-12 200 Meter Back
Csubak, Jaci: 50 Meter Breast, 15&O 200 Meter Breast
Duling, Hadden: 15&O 200 Meter Fly, 15&O 100 Meter Fly
Blase, Laurel: 11-12 400 Meter IM
Tilt, Elizabeth: 13-14 400 Meter IM
Johnson, Seth: 15&O 400 Meter IM, 15&O 200 Meter Back
Thomas, Mason: 9-10 200 Meter Free
Sayer, Nathan: 9-10 50 Meter Fly, 9-10 100 Meter Back, 9-10 50 Meter Back, 9-10 100 Meter Fly, 9-10 400 Meter Free
Halusic, Gavin: 8&U 50 Meter Back, 8&U 100 Meter Free, 8&U 50 Meter Breast
McCord, Michelle: 15&O 200 Meter Back
Richardson, Noah: 13-14 100 Meter Breast
Hunt, Mitchell: 13-14 100 Meter Fly, 13-14 400 Meter Free
Taner, Will: 50 Meter Back
Byrne, Lilly: 15&O 400 Meter Free
Breeze, Bear: 15&O 400 Meter Free
Johnson, Ford: 11-12 100 Meter Breast
Yarbrough, Delainey: 9-10 100 Meter Breast, 9-10 400 Meter Free
Borland, Katelyn: 8&U 50 Meter Free

jackie emma3
2017 Phillips 66 National Championships


What do Gold swimmers Emma Cole and Jackie Hill have in common with Katie Ledecky, Caeleb Dressel, Simone Manuel, Kevin Cordes, and Lilly King (and the entire USA National Team, for that matter)? They all swam at the 2017 Phillips 66 National Championships at the Indiana University Natatorium in Indianapolis, held June 27-July 1. Emma competed in the 100 free, 200 free, and 50 free. Jackie raced the 200 breast, 100 breast, and 50 breast.

The national championship meet also served as the selection event for the USA National Team competing at the 2017 FINA World Championships, which is why there were so many amazing swimmers at this meet (including Jackie and Emma!).

In preparation for swimming for the University of Kentucky this fall, Jackie was already swimming for Kentucky Aquatics, hence her royal blue swimsuit in the picture. Emma will be swimming for the University of North Carolina this fall. We’re proud of Emma and Jackie and look forward to their continued success!

2017-18 Fall Registration for Returning Swimmers


It’s time to register and reserve your spot for the 2017-2018 season. Schedules and monthly fees can be found here: You should see the “Long Course” (summer), and the fall or “Short Course” schedules for each pool. If you have questions about which group your swimmer will be in for the fall, please contact your coach. Coaches’ e-mails are accessible here:

To register: Registration is now open for returning swimmers at $240 for the Competitive Groups (Silver, Silver Adv., Gold, Gold Adv., High School, Sectional, Sectional Adv., Senior, National). After June 30, the registration fee goes to $250. The Pre-Competitive Groups (Intro, and Technique/Fitness) will pay $65 to register for the entire year.

As you go through the online registration, you will choose between Competitive Yearly Track, Competitive Monthly Track, or Pre-Competitive Groups. There is a description of each. You will be asked to read and sign a medical waiver, liability waiver, team agreement, and a financial agreement. The financial agreement applies to whichever of the three tracks you choose.

For the new season, we will no longer be accepting personal or online checks, or automatic draft. Everyone is required to have a Discover, MasterCard, or Visa number on file in your Team Unify account. Once you have completed the online registration and paid your registration fee, a receipt will be e-mailed to you.

Step by step registration instructions are as follows:

Please click on:

– You will be asked to log in using your email address as your username. If you have forgotten your password, please click the blue “Forgot password?” link.
– After reading the info on the first page, you will click the green “continue or check status” button at the bottom of the page.
– After logging in you will be able to update any account information that has changed and press “continue”. Please watch for the fields marked “SMS” & Carrier” – this allows us to text you in the event of last minute practice changes due to inclement weather or pool closures due to mechanical issues.
– Next, select the athlete you wish to register. It is helpful to update your swimmer’s shirt size, school, and grade. Please do not add any new siblings that may want to swim until after they have completed the evaluation process!
– Once you have selected a swimmer, you will need to update any information not already in the system.
– Under “Register to this group” you will choose their pool and either Pre-Competitive, Competitive Monthly, or Competitive Yearly Track. You will see a description of both. Competitive swimmers will need to decide between the Monthly or Yearly Track.
– Our Administrator will enter the practice group for each swimmer at a later date. Please communicate with your coach for input on this, if you have not done so already!
– You will then agree to each of our agreement waivers and submit.
– Enter payment details for registration and then you are all set for another great year of swimming!

2017-18 Short Course Schedules


The short course schedules have been posted on the practice schedules page.

Open Evaluations


Are you or someone you know interested in joining Chattahoochee Gold? We offer a $25 credit for referrals of new swimmers that sign up for competitive track.

We have 4 different locations. Attend one of our open evaluations to discuss the best program for your child and to review pricing and schedule. Here is our evaluation schedule:

Cumming Aquatic Center:
201 Aquatic Circle, Cumming, GA 30040
June 28: 5:00-6:30 PM
July 17: 4:30-6:30 PM
July 27: 4:30-6:30 PM
August 8: 4:30-6:30 PM

Mountain View Aquatic Center:
2650 Gordy Parkway, Marietta, GA 30066
June 21: 4:00-6:00 PM
June 29: 4:00-6:00 PM
July 12: 4:00-6:00 PM

Cherokee Aquatic Center:
1200 Gresham Mill Pkwy, Holly Springs, GA 30115
June 20: 4:30-6:30 PM
July 11: 4:30-6:30 PM
July 18: 4:30-6:30 PM

Woodstock Aquatic Center:
103B Arnold Mill Rd, Woodstock, GA 30188
June 19: 4:30-6:30 PM
June 27: 4:30-6:30 PM
July 10: 4:30-6:30 PM
July 19: 4:30-6:30 PM
August 7: 4:30-6:30 PM **
** Combined evaluation at Woodstock Aquatic Center for both Cherokee and Woodstock sites

Contact us at or (770) 928-1506 if you have questions. See you at the evaluations!

Hotel Reservations for Sectional Meets


We have reserved a block of rooms for both of the Sectional Meets in Greensboro, NC:

Senior Sectionals: March 9-12
Age Group Sectionals: March 16-19

The Comfort Suites Four Seasons
3308 Isler Court, Greensboro, NC 27407
(336) 235-4002

*6 Mins from Aquatic Center
*Group Rate $129.99
*Listed under Chattahoochee Gold

Deadline for special rate:
Senior Sectionals: February 14
Age Group Sectionals: February 28

Here are the time standards Sectionals.
Age Group Sectionals:
Senior Sectionals:…/U…/File/2016-2017%20SR%20TSD.pdf

Holiday Practice Schedules


Chattahoochee Gold Holiday Party


Please join us as we celebrate the holiday season with fellow swimmers and coaches.

12& under:
The holiday party for the Gold Advanced, Gold, Silver, Silver Advanced, Technique & Fitness (ages 12 & under), Technique & Fitness League (ages 12 & under) and Intro to Gold Groups will be the Disney movie, Moana.
When: Saturday, December 10th, 4 – 6PM
Where: Aurora Cineplex, 5100 Commerce Parkway, Roswell, GA, 30076
Cost: $13 per person. This will be billed to your January 1st invoice. The fee includes the movie, popcorn and a drink.

To RSVP, please go to the link below. Deadline to RSVP is December 2. Parents and siblings are welcome to come as well, please note that on the RSVP form.
RSVP link:
If you have any questions please contact your coach or call the Gold office at 770-928-1506.

13 & Older:
The holiday party for the National, Senior, High School, Sectional, Sectional Advanced, Technique & Fitness (ages 13 & older) and the Technique &Fitness League (ages 13 & older) Groups, will be a private showing of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
When: Thursday, December 15th
Time: TBD
Where: Aurora Cineplex, 5100 Commerce Parkway, Roswell, GA, 30076
Cost: $22 per person. This will be billed to your January 1st invoice. The fee includes the movie, Honey Baked Ham boxed sandwich and a drink.

To RSVP, please go to the link below. Deadline to RSVP is November 30. The movie is limited to the first 240 swimmers who sign up. Once the deadline has passed and if there are spots still available, registration will open up for a guest (family member).

RSVP link:

If you have any questions please contact your coach or call the Gold office at 770-928-1506.

Meet Policy


Please be aware: Parents are responsible for signing their swimmers up for meets by the posted deadline. There are NO refunds on any form of team wide expenses, (deposits, meet fees, team trips, team sponsored events, etc.) after the sign-up deadline.

Pre-Comp Meet #1 Results


Congratulations to all of the swimmers that participated in the first of two pre-competitive meets on Saturday, November 5th. The final results are attached and we hope to have another great turnout at the next pre-competitive meet that is scheduled for February 11th, 2017.

Hotel Information for Fall Travel Meet to Greenville


WHEN: November 12-13, 2016
Rooms can be reserved for November 11 if you are swimming the Friday evening session.

WHERE: Greenville, SC
HOTEL: Holiday Inn Express, 1036 Woodruff Road, Greenville, SC 29607
PHONE NUMBER: 864-678-5555
GROUP NAME: Chattahoochee Gold Swim
COST: $174/night, not including taxes

Please call to reserve your room as soon as possible for our team travel trip to the Beach Bash Meet in Greenville, SC.

Gold swimmers compete at Southern Zone Championship Meet


Five Chattahoochee Gold swimmers were selected for this Summer’s Georgia Zone Team that travelled to Cary, North Carolina to compete at the 2016 Southern Zone Championship Meet during the week of August 2nd – 6th.

A total of 13 LSC’s were competing and after a heartbreaking 1/2 a point loss in 2015, Georgia was looking to reclaim the top spot once again. After taking the lead on day 1 of the meet, Team Georgia continued to swim fast and after day 2 it was clear that it was a two team race between Georgia and a strong North Carolina team.

All of the Chattahoochee Gold swimmers earned points for Team Georgia:

Tommy Eaton (6 points) – 200 Fly (3rd) & 200 Medley (2nd)

Sophie Taylor (2 points) – 100 Fly (7th) & 200 Free Relay (1st)

Langston Weddington (10 points) – 200 Breast (7th), 100 Back (7th), 100 Breast (4th), 50 Free (8th), 200 Medley Relay (2nd) & 400 Medley Relay (2nd).

Lawson Weddington (25 points) – 100 Fly (2nd), 50 Free (6th), 50 Fly (1st), 100 Breast (3rd), 400 Medley Relay (2nd), 200 Medley Relay (1st) & 200 Free Relay (2nd)

Jordan Weems (5 points) – 800 Free (7th), 200 Back (8th), 200 Fly (7th) & 400 Medley Relay (1st).

New Team Records were also broken:

Lawson Weddington (12) – 50 Breast, 100 Breast, 100 Fly & 50 Fly

Langston Weddington (14) – 200 Breast & 100 Breast

After some hard fought competition throughout the 5 days of competition, it was North Carolina that took the top spot, followed by Team Georgia.



2016 Senior State Recap


This season’s Senior Long Course Championship Meet that took place at the Cumming Aquatic Center on the weekend of July 22nd – 24th, with 39 teams represented and 597 swimmers participating. Despite a number of teams having swimmers attending this year’s Olympic Trials and Futures Meets, the competition was still fierce and an abundance of fast times were seen over the course of the meet.

Host team Chattahoochee Gold not only did an amazing job running the meet, but also swam fast resulting in a 2nd place finish in Division 1 with a combined score of 1,229.5 points. The following swimmers returned for finals and scored points in the individual events:

Evan Arsenault – 35 points
Landon Ballard – 65 points
Daniel Brisuda – 3 points
Lilly Byrne – 7 points
Kamryn Carter – 9 points
Parker Ciarmella – 32 points
Emma Cole – 81 points
Mihalis Deliyiannis – 39 points
Bailey Dopfel – 19 points
Jordan Dunn – 21 points
Kristina Friedrichs – 22 points
Hannah Lagod – 27 points
Alarii Levreault-Lopez – 61.5 points
Michelle McCord – 66 points
Michael McDowell – 5 points
Caitlyn Pallas – 7 points
Joshua Thrift – 7 points
Jordan Weems – 1 point
Justin Wong – 2 points
Joey Young – 15 points
Jonathan Young – 55 points
Megan Young – 2 points

The following Gold Relay teams were also crowned State Champions:

Girls 200 Free Relay (Arsenault, Friedrichs, S.Taylor & Cole)
Girls 800 Free Relay (Friedricks, Carter, M.Pokorney & Cole)
Boys 800 Free Relay (Ciarmella, Levreault-Lopez, Joey Young & Moore)
Girls 400 Free Relay (Carter, Arsenault, Friedrichs & Cole)

Emma Cole and Alarii-Levreault Lopez fresh from Olympic Trials were both named State Champions. Emma in the 50 Free & Alarii in 100 Fly.

Congratulations to all Gold swimmers, coaches, officials and volunteers. A special thanks goes to Meet Director Ryan L’Roy.



2016 Age Group State Meet Recap


After eleven months of training, experiencing both fun and sacrifice, as well as successes and challenges, the big championship meet of the season took place for 14 & under athletes at Georgia Tech on July 14th – July 17th. Chattahoochee Gold swimmers were looking to make a big impression at Age Group State with some fast swims against the best age groups swimmers in Georgia. The following swimmers all contributed individual points towards the team tally by finishing in the Top Ten in their respective events:

Lily Alderman (23 Points)
Ben Barton (2 Points)
Laurel Blase (5 points)
Nicklas Bohn (22 points)
Anna Case (16 points)
Ashley Case (69 points)
Mia Davis-Richardson (3 points)
Thomas Eaton (34 points)
Jordan Edwards (50 points)
Elliot Elmore (5 points)
Nicole Fetcinko (23 points)
Katherine Hay (1 point)
Grace Hembree (39 Points)
William Iglar (6 points)
Elizabeth Isakson (12 points)
Harper Johnson (17 points)
Seth Johnson (9 points)
Skylar Kadetz (10 points)
Maura McGlynn (2 points)
Christopher Pallas (12 points)
Gia Pergolini (11 points)
Isabella Postel (22 points)
Payton Smith (4 points)
Madeline Stooksbury (5 points)
Parker Tanke (13 points)
Elizabeth Tilt (5 points)
Patrick Tilt (7 points)
Caroline Tom (6 points)
Langston Weddington (32 points)
Lawson Weddington (52 points)

Lawson Weddington, Thomas Eaton, and Langston Weddington led the way for the boys in points. All three boys were trying out for the 2016 Georgia Zone Team and had a full schedule of prelim and finals events. For the girls, it was Ashley Case, Grace Hembree, and Jordan Edwards scoring an impressive 158 points between them.

In the end, Lawson, Langston, and Thomas all swam fast and consistent enough to qualify for Zones and represent Team Georgia during the first week of August in Cary, NC. They will be joined by the senior Gold swimmers that made the team this year: Sophie Taylor, Jordan Weems & Michael McDowell, as well as Coach Andy Shields. A shout-out to Nicklas Bohn as second runner-up for the Zone team, which was impressive for a 13 year-old trying to qualify in a 13-14 category.

Gold swimmers were named State Champions in the following events:
Boys 13-14 100 Breast (Langston Weddington)
Boys 13-14 200 Free Relay (Langston Weddington, Thomas Eaton, Riley James & Skylar Kadetz)
Boys 13-14 200 Medley Relay (Nicklas Bohn, Langston Weddington, Thomas Eaton & Skylar Kadetz)
Boys 13-14 400 Free Relay (Skylar Kadetz, Riley James, Langston Weddington & Thomas Eaton)
Boys 11-12 50 Free (Lawson Weddington)
Boys 11-12 200 Breast (Lawson Weddington)

In addition, the following team records were broken over the course of the weekend:
Langston Weddington: 100 Breast (13-14 Boys)
Lawson Weddington: 100 Breast, 50 Fly, 100 Fly & 50 Free (11-12 Boys)
Gavin Halusic: 50 Fly (8 & Under Boys)
Girls 11-12 400 IM (Jordan Edwards)
Girls 13-14 200 Free Relay (Laura Miller, Jocelyn Helsby, Madeline Stookbury & Anna Case)
Boys 13-14 200 Free Relay (Langston Weddington, Thomas Eaton, Riley James & Skylar Kadetz)
Boys 13-14 400 Medley Relay (Seth Johnson, Langston Weddington, Thomas Eaton & Skylar Kadetz)
Girls 13-14 400 Medley Relay (Madeline Stooksbury, Maura McGlynn, Anna Case & Laura Miller)
Boys 13-14 200 Medley Relay (Nicklas Bohn, Langston Weddington, Thomas Eaton & Skylar Kadetz)

Gold finished third in the large teams competition.Congratulations to all Gold Swimmers!

Swimmers of the meet: Courtney Salmon, Langston Weddington, Isabella Postel, Parker Tanke, Gavin Halusic, Lily Alderman, Elizabeth Isakson, Harper Johnson, Ashley Case, Grant Davis, Thomas Eaton, Charlotte Tully, Jordan Edwards, and Collin Parker



New Swimmer Evaluation Dates!


Want to join the best team in town?! We have several upcoming evaluation dates at all four locations!

Cumming Aquatic Center:
June 28 4:30-6:30
July 19 4:30-6:30
July 28 4:30-6:30
August 9 4:30-6:30

Cherokee Aquatic Center:
June 30 4:30-6:30
July 12 4:30-5:30
July 18 4:30-6:30
August 8 4:30-6:30

Woodstock Aquatic Center:
June 27 4:30-6:30
July 11 4:30-6:30
August 8 4:30-6:30 (at Cherokee Aquatic Center)

Mountain View Aquatic Center
June 22 4:00-6:00
July 6 4:00-6:00
July 20 4:00-6:00


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