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Mike Wardwell
Assistant Coach
Mountain View Aquatic Center

Michael Wardwell has been hired to coach at the Mt. View Aquatic beginning in the 2011-12 season. He’ll be co-coaching with Neil and Penny for the Region Group, with Pat for the Senior II Group, and we’ll see him on a get-acquainted basis with Gold.

Mike comes from the Swim Neptune Swim Club in Phoenix, AZ, where he has specialized in the 11-14 age group. He’s produced numerous state champions and state record holders, and developed nationally ranked swimmers.

Swim Neptune has grown to a 400 member club during Mike’s time there, and recently won their first age group state championship title. Mike has a total of 15 years experience as a swim coach.

In his free time, Mike enjoys listening to his MP3 player and watching American Idol. His other interests are Napoleon Dynamite, Rick Rolling, and the Chocolate Rain video on the popular new website YouTube. Check out his MySpace page!


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